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Sutton Potter Park

Sutton Potter Park is a narrow, sloping 5.37-acre park along with a much smaller 0.29 acre access tract (aka, the dogleg) at the western edge of Hollin Hills, and can be entered via a path in the 7400 block of Range Road. The park abuts the steep sledding hill (cheerfully known as “Suicide Hill”) at Popkins Farm.

Acquired in 1966 to serve as a buffer between Hollin Hills and the Mount Vernon Square Townhouses, the park was initially called Popkins Farm Park, but was later re-named for Hollin Hills resident W. Sutton Potter. An attorney, member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and husband of Mary-Carroll Potter, Sutton Potter had been instrumental in acquiring the land. He passed away in 1976, at the age of 46.

The park had become overrun with invasive species, but recently underwent a multi-year cleanup under the direction of then-warden Mary Ellen Gilman, who managed the removal of two acres of invasive honeysuckle bush shrubs and restored the park to beauty.  

The homes along this block (officially designated in county records as Hollin Meadows) are a semi-exclave to Hollin Hills; its homeowners and residents are allowed to join and become members of the CAHH. This park is located outside the historic district and HOD.

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