Civic Association of Hollin Hills

What is the Civic Association of Hollin Hills and why join?

Open to any resident of Hollin Hills, the Civic Association is a volunteer membership-based organization devoted to promoting the common good in the community.

With a nine-member, democratically-elected Board of Directors, the Civic Association manages a wide range of community activities. Together with dozens of dedicated volunteers, we maintain the 30 acres of parks that run through the neighborhood, and host annual events from the 4th of July picnic to Oktoberfest to the Winter Potluck. We manage and insure the Hollin Hills pool and tennis club, and we put on the biennial House and Garden Tour — the largest modernist architecture tour on the East Coast.

We also offer architectural guidance for homeowners planning renovations, to ensure that the heritage of Hollin Hills is maintained. We publish a neighborhood directory and a monthly community newsletter, and maintain this website to provide an open source of information to visitors and residents alike. And we work to protect the community’s unique historical status, successfully getting Hollin Hills listed, in 2013, on the National Register of Historic Places.

But most of all, the association provides a way for Hollin Hillers to jointly address community issues, and to be involved in the life of this unique neighborhood we all share.

Joining the Civic Association is a great way to get involved, meet your neighbors and have a voice in the community. (Plus, it’s fun!)

Whether you’re interested in the parks, the social events, the tour, the publications, the architecture, serving on the Board, or any other part of community life, membership opens up a host of opportunities to participate and help out.

And even if you don’t have time for volunteering, your annual dues provide vital support for the upkeep of Hollin Hills — and are particularly important for the parks, which are owned and maintained by the Civic Association. Membership gives you a vote in CAHH elections and referenda, makes you eligible to run for a Board position, and offers a few personal perks as well — including access to the neighborhood directory and free entrance to such CAHH events as the 4th of July picnic.

But membership is really just about helping out — and being part of the tradition of volunteerism that has marked Hollin Hills since its earliest days. We’d love to have you — join us in building a better Hollin Hills!

Membership in CAHH offers numerous opportunities and benefits.
CAHH members have opportunities to:

  • support the ongoing operations and maintenance of our 31+ acres of parklands, signage and assets.
  • support the quality of social activities and events for all ages.
  • network with community members at our many social and members-only events.
  • access to an up-to-date directory of members
  • delivery of printed edition of community directory, including the recent 75th Anniversary edition

  • vote on matters before the membership

  • priority access to join the Hollin Hills Pool, and/or Hollin Hills Pickleball and Tennis Club

Civic Association of Hollin Hills (CAHH)
is a 501(c)7 non-profit, social and recreational organization.
1600 Paul Spring Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22307
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