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McCalley Park

Native Plant Demostration Garden

McCalley Park — named after Charles R. “Mac” McCalley, the construction foreman of Hollin Hills from 1949 to 1971— is a small (0.35 acres) park at the southwest corner of Paul Spring Road and Rippon Road. It was once a private residence, but the house was razed due to repeated flooding, and the land was bought by Fairfax County in 1990.

It’s the only Hollin Hills park not owned by the Civic Association, but the Civic Association still manages the park.

Highlights. Two benches have been installed in the park by Friends of Hollin Hills, and carolers meet here at Christmas for a community sing. 

April 2024. In case you haven’t been down to see the McCalley Native Plant Demonstration Garden, these natives are blooming now. Three foam flower plants with their “foamy” flowers, a lovely pink pinxter azalea, and the diminutive iris crestata with its lavender-blue flowers.

All these natives like shade and/or moist conditions. If you have a chance, come take a tour and browse the books on native plants in the Little Free Library.

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